There was no way. They had the opportunity to see her on several occasions, at the health center, when she went to get injections, but they did not want to touch a hair. My sister also did not get quality care in the hospital emergencies she went through. Two, from two different autonomous communities. In the emergency service of the Hospital de Cruces (Baracaldo) they came to recriminate him that he had come because they said he was risking catching the happy virus that today dictates life and death, even if you do not get infected. A nonsense from beginning to end. A silent pandemic … My sister, and so many other people, are “the other victims of Covid”. I want justice for her. But that, although it will come, will not return it. So I also want solutions so that there are no more Sonias. So that no one else is placed on the edge of the cliff. We cannot prevent all deaths from cancer or other diseases, but we can prevent other people from receiving insufficient care, as my sister did. With her the attention came too late. I demand solutions NOW so that no other family has to feel that they have lost a loved one for whom much more could be done and was not done because “it was Covid times.” No, the Covid does NOT justify everything. Sign this petition, please. Together we can achieve that the Junta de Castilla y León (she lived in a town in Burgos), other health ministries where the same is also happening and the Ministry of Health, immediately eliminate telephone inquiries as a default modality and limit themselves to very specific situations. We need to recover the face-to-face consultations NOW. The real medicine, the real medicine, the one that can save lives or simply stop pain and mitigate it, the public health that we deserve. Share this petition >>

After more than 13 years of Calvary since one day he decided to denounce the corruption that was within the PP, José Luis Peñas has been sentenced to four years and nine months in prison because his name appeared in the accounting of Francisco Correa el Bigotes with the amount of 40,000 euros. It all started with a phrase that José Luis heard. “Paco, I’m going to tell you something, if you don’t give me the 300 million, the plot won’t come out.” That Paco was precisely Francisco Correa. José Luis, presented a written complaint.

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