The actions of the defendant did not stop there; The accused caused the son of him, Mustafa, from the previous marriage of the client with whom he lived in the same residence, against the client, and caused the deterioration of him when entering between the Father and the Son.

4-) After all these experiences, although the client was patient and tried to fix his marriage, he did not tolerate the meaningful actions of the defendant. After the rupture of the happy partnership association by the defendant, the parties began to be constantly discussing. The defendant collected all his belongings and left the house when the client was out of town. Shortly after leaving the house, the defendant approached the older sister of the client … in December 2017 by phone, saying that she and the client had twins. Although both the client and the client’s family tried to contact the accused about the aforementioned situation, she was not contacted in any way and did not know about him. By telling the client that he is a father, the client’s feelings were altered and the client experienced a great sadness with this act, which is not known if it is true or not. On the other hand, after the phone call in question, the accused made unjust and unfounded accusations against the client by sending messages in which he indicated that his twin children had died and that the death of his children was caused by the client, and dragged The client to an inexorable crisis. .

5-) 4-5 months after the telephone conversation between the accused and the older sister of the client; In May 2018, the defendant called the client and asked for money, saying that he was in the Antalya de Alanya district, which he was in a very difficult situation and that he needed money. The client could not bear this situation of the defendant’s spouse and sent money to the defendant through PTT. The client did not stay with the process of transferring money in question, but the defendant went to her’s place of her and took her to her’s house of her difficult situation.

6-) After bringing the wife of the charged home, the client treated her very well, made her surprises, he celebrated her husband’s birthday on May 30, the birthday of the accused, so to speak, and tried not Duplicate what he said.

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