IGO, Silver who was taken out to all Argentines to subsidize some sectors.

I do not say that it is bad that subsidizes the one who needs it, which subsidizes some sectors.

But that silver took care of the entrepreneurs of power, of power until today we come to want to put a control frame …. I did not talk about not paying, I never said not paying. It seems to me that he was wrong. I’m going to repeat again. Very good; At least people subsidized. Today, 1. And that is the insuffus. And, precisely, it just did not expect, obviously we are thinking about people.

And the truth is that I will not tell him if I walk or not the interior of the province; It is a problem of mine.

What I am saying is: Let’s move the concern to national deputies so that it can again ask that session. And that all the deputies go, because there are some deputies who speak on television and that they go to the programs, to lunch, and that are the prosecutors of the Argentine homeland, but – as a deputy said – what they say with the peak no They demonstrate going to the sessions where they have to go to work and discuss the subject of the rates.

This is not demagogy. I’m not making demagogy. The deputy pagliaroni that interprets him as he wants and if he does not want to accompany, that he does not accompany me. If these people are the one who sympathizes with him, the one that takes 1. to the offshore. Aranguren said he did not bring the money he has outside because he does not trust the country. A lack of total respect, total ethics. That is why I ask that we submit to approval that project on tables, Mr. President. Yes, also, Mrs. Deputy, then we can put it to vote, but I want to do some precisions and appreciations because things that are not real are said.

And NĂ©stor Kirchner was inaugurated. Also in a pipeline subsidy that was the Neuquino gas pipeline that came to Bariloche and then decreased the section of the pipe and the pipeline did not come to supply any of the towns of the interior of the northeast of Route 40 in the Chubut Province .

All those issues seem that they have been forgotten for Deputy Pagliaroni, as they have also been forgotten – because he forgot to mention – because it is not true what he said of the towns of the interior, because both expenditure and Gan Gan was a Promise that he made the then Governor Mario Das Neves who was going to arrive with gas networks to those locations and finished us in management with connections in Gan Gan and Gastre.

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